Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Personal Schedule Application for PyCon 2007 Now Available

Doug Napoleone's really cool Personal Schedule Application is now up and running on the PyCon site.

Features include:
  • displays a color-coded, up-to-date schedule
  • displays pop-ups with descriptive information about each event
  • allows selecting events to create your own personal schedule
  • supports iCalendar output of both conference and personal schedules
If you have a PyCon login account, the application also:
  • stores your schedule on the server instead of in a cookie.
  • highlights talks that you're presenting or sessions you're chairing.
If you store your schedule on the server, your selections are included and summarized in a report for the PyCon organizers. We can therefore see which talks are the most popular, and this will help us schedule them in rooms with enough capacity.

A print-specific stylesheet is in development.

We think the schedule application is very neat, and hope it's useful in planning your PyCon attendance.

To easily create your own PyCon login account, visit the Site Signup Form, which is independent of your conference registration.

And speaking of your conference registration, if you haven't yet registered, the deadline for early bird registration is approaching fast - January 15th. We have some really great tutorials with limited seating so sign up for your favorites today or you might miss out.