Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Calling for Python Writers/Authors

For those who write books and articles, I've established a wiki page just as we already have a page for those who offer training services for Python. If you would like to be reachable by those needing writing services of various kinds, please add yourself to the list, along with some indication of what you prefer to work on, your portfolio of work and your experience level:


I'm open to creative ideas on how to format the information. A link to the page has been added to the sidebar menu.

Jeff Rush
Advocacy Coordinator


Chris Arndt said...

I find the separation into big/small projects a bit silly. The size of a writing project doesn't depend very much on the writer, but on the task at hand, the client, the pay and so on.

Maybe a categorization into languages (with cross-references for multi-language authors) would make more sense? Or the list could be in table format with columns "topics", "languages", anything else?

Jeff Rush said...

Chris, your input is welcome. The split of big/small came from a recent thread about paying people to write for Python. In it, the issue was the insult of offering $50-$200 for an article to professional writers who tend to want big projects, but also the problem of offering book-size projects to those who only have time to write small works in their available spare time. I was trying to find a way to keep those seeking writers from bothering the wrong class of writer, essentially.

I'd like to hear other peoples opinions on this.

Anonymous said...

By way of disclaimer, I have authored a book, and I've authored many, many articles. I also tech edit, review manuscript proposals, and.... other stuff. :-)

Most authors I've worked with who have written a book also write articles. Many people who write articles regularly are thinking about or actively pursuing a book deal.

People who write *tend* to do it either to make money or to share their knowledge or both. Unless they do it *only* for money, I don't think the average author discriminates too much about the size of job they're going to take on.

Some do, of course, but I think the people that discriminate now won't discriminate for long. Work as an author comes in waves, and when the tide is out, some of those "big project" authors will want consideration for.... whatever.

Also, I don't know where I'd want to be listed as an author. I'll do whatever I have time for at the moment. Can I be listed in both?

My vote would be to do away with the big and small categories, and let the listing authors use the description space to separate themselves if they want.