Monday, July 09, 2007

An Update Regarding Python Advocacy

For those who might wonder what I do as advocacy coordinator, I've just updated for the month my list of accomplishments at:

My short list of things to tackle next is at:

Suggestions and feedback are appreciated, as is volunteering to create podcasts, screencasts, artwork or whitepapers. There is a list of writing ideas at:

and ideas for articles at:

For screencasting I'm working with Ian of to create a collection of 5-minute videos targeted at those new to or unsure of Python, to make them aware of the strengths of the language in areas in which they might be interested. We welcome contributions - they're only 5-minute talks and so don't require a large investment of time.

And on the low burner we've got some wiki pages bubbling about how to help new programmers get into Python, at:

We could use any ideas that might occur to you as you read those wiki pages.

Jeff Rush
Advocacy Coordinator


André said...


On your task list you mention doing a video describing how to use matplotlib with wxPython. Perhaps you are not aware of the work of
Yusdi Santoso
who is working on a friendly frontend to matplotlib.

Also, Crunchy has now some support for software that can created images - the example given is a matplotlib demonstration.

Finally, it might be useful if your blog contained actual links instead of textual URLs.

Jeff Rush said...

I was not aware of Yusdi's work -- I'll check it out.

And I need to do more with Crunchy - in a screencast perhaps.

I just now changed the URLs to actual links - I've done that in my other posts, I plead a bit of laziness at the end of the day.

Yusdi Santoso said...

Jeff, I'm the one who develop the WebLab code. Just happen to stumble to your blog :). Anything I can help with the screencast?