Thursday, October 12, 2006

Seeking Publicity Coordinator for PyCon 2007

The PyCon organizers are looking for someone to volunteer as publicity coordinator for PyCon 2007. This year we have started planning sufficiently in advance that we'd like to get some press coverage in print magazines.

What is involved, you ask?
  1. Brainstorm/collect a list of candidate publications for press releases.
  2. Post the lead time and submission requirements for each to the wiki.
  3. Develop or work with others to develop a (textual) press release layout.
  4. At the appropriate time (e.g. when certain details are settled such as keynote speakers), actually submit the press release.
There is a wiki page at the following location on which to collect ideas on where to submit a press release.

That's it! It really shouldn't take a lot of time; a bit of surfing, perhaps a few email queries.

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